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Static Electricity Essay

Static Electricity Essay Static Electricity Essay ITT-Tech | Static Electricity | [Type the document subtitle] | Jacque Lazarus | | 7/4/2012 | | Static Electricity Static electricity is the imbalance of positive and negative charge. It’s referred to as the build-up of electric charge on the surface of objects. Those objects keep a static charge until they find a way to be released or until neutralized by a discharge. Static electricity is either current or dynamic electricity, which can be delivered through wires as a power source. It is caused by a process called triboelectrification which is explained through and atomic structure. All material objects are composed of atoms. Atoms have center’ the nucleus contains positively charged protons and neutral neutrons, have no electrical charge. Around the atoms are negative charged electrons. Protons and neutrons do not change, but electrons can move from one atom to another. Electrons are exchanged when two objects touch causing one object to become electrically positive and the other negative. The most common cause of static electricity is the contact and immediate separation of the two materials that is friction, winding, and unwinding. Other causes of static electricity are rapid temperature drop, cutting operations (saw or paper cutting machines), irradiation with high energy (ultraviolet radiation, x-rays, strong electric field). We all have seen and/or experienced examples of static electricity in our everyday lives, such as when we get our clothes out of the dryer, get out of a vehicle, or even a doorknob. Static electricity is not good for computer components because the discharge current generates heat. That heat lead to destruction of joints contacts and break microchips. High voltage also destroys thin oxide film or the field-effect transistors and other elements that are coated. If the components are not completely out of order it’s said to be more dangerous because at some point there can be a short circuit. Computer components are vulnerable to static electricity when exposed to change a hard drive or add memory chips. Our bodies carry a build-up of

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Chasing The Grant

Chasing The Grant Most major cities offer artist grants for those of us involved in the arts. In my town there’s an annual drive for locals to apply, and back in 2014, I gave it a go. According to the rules, anyone in the arts field, including literary arts, was eligible. â€Å"Hot dog, I’m going for it!† I said. I followed the guidelines, crossed my Ts, and dotted my I’s. I was rejected. I applied again in 2015 and was rejected, 2016 rejected, 2017 rejected. If you’re reading this, you are a writer. Rejections are commonplace. You’re told â€Å"don’t take it personal because this is a subjective business.† Applying for grants might fall into that â€Å"subjective business† category, but Looking back it never dawned on me the lesson I’d learn from all this. The more you work at something the better you become. I received a phone call. I already had the grant organization in my contacts so the name popped up. I thought â€Å"Wow they’ve never called me about a rejection. This is a first.† Reluctantly, I answered. â€Å"Rod?† â€Å"Yes.† â€Å"I’m calling to personally congratulate you. You won the grant.† â€Å"Don’t play with me,† I said. â€Å"This isn’t funny.† â€Å"No, seriously, you won. And I know how long you’ve pursued this. Congrats.† Honestly I don’t remember how many times I heard the word congratulations in that phone call, but that day was a turning point. As a writer you crave recognition. You yearn to hear that all this work you put in hasn’t gone in vain. We may never amass the riches of JK Rowling, but we do seek readership and acceptance. I felt vindicated. Then I researched, eager to learn how many writers had won this grant. Most grants are required to list all past winners, and I went back to when the records were first kept online in 2012. The only writers awarded grants were journalists, poets, a screenwriter, and a children’s picture book artist. No fiction author had ever won. Wow, right? What had I done differently? I had tired of rejections and attended a couple of webinars on grant writing, learning it’s more than filling in blocks on an application. You pursue a grant with the same serious mentality you infuse into your writing. You make the judges believe in you wherever you can. Where do you find grants? Online sources like FundsforWriters, state arts commissions, and local arts councils, for starters. Join one of many writer’s organization like AWP, SCBWI or Author’s Guild. Writer’s Digest, The Writer, and Poets and Writers magazines also list them. When you see a grant opportunity in FundsforWriters or anywhere online or in print, go for it. Maybe it won’t take you the five years it took me but consider a grant in your destiny. You are worthy, and writers are not quitters.

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Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 19

Essay Example petus to desegregation however occurred between 1866-1876 during the Reconstruction, when Congress overrode President Andrew Johnson and ratified the 14th Amendment. But in 1883 the U.S. Supreme Court overruled this and things reverted to their old ways although by 1869 the Freedmans Bureau had set up more than 3000 schools for black children. The most important judicial decision which led to total desegregation was the Brown v. Board of Education case, argued by such legal luminaries as Charles H. Houston and a battery of lawyers led by Thurgood Marshall, which opened the floodgates for reforms in the segregated educational system. The case was a combination of cases filed in South Carolina, Delaware, Virginia, Washington D.C and Kansas. The Delaware case challenged the poor conditions of schools for blacks and also the plight of children who had to travel an hour everyday to attend a school with poor facilities because the local high school refused to take them. Louis Redding, a local NAACP attorney was the lawyer. The South Carolina case was a class action civil suit against the inferior conditions in black schools, filed by the state NAACP at the urging of Rev. J.A. DeLaine. The case from Virginia was against the inadequate buildings and inferior school facilities and was facilitated by the NAACP. The case from Washin gton D.C was filed when students from a black school, during a field trip to a white school were denied entry and the ruling stated it â€Å"a denial of the due process of law guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment†. The Kansas case which gained fame as the Brown v. Board of Education case was filed on denial of admission to black children in schools segregated for whites. The Topeka NAACP under McKinley Burnett was responsible for this suit. This case was a landmark judgment because it paved the way for desegregation, not only in schools but also other public utilities and led the way for greater change in society and a general attitude towards

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Friar Lawrence's Influence on Romeo & Juliet Through Baz Luhrmann's Essay

Friar Lawrence's Influence on Romeo & Juliet Through Baz Luhrmann's Eyes - Essay Example Generally, Baz Luhrmanns film provides a perfect understanding of the occurrences in the play. In the film, Luhrmann utilizes artificial and natural light to signify Friar Lawrences influence on Romeo and Juliet. Certainly, the influences of Friar Lawrence results to action in the dramatic end of the play. Without the presence of this character in the play, chances of the occurrence of a tragedy are minimal. Friar decides to marry Romeo and Juliet, thereby being the direct cause of the end tragedy. In other words, assuming that Friar did not marry the two, chances of Romeo and Juliet dying would be minimal. Moreover, Friar Lawrence pushes Romeo at an inopportune point where Romeo becomes uncertain about the position he occupies in love, and Friar Lawrence has hopes that the marriage has high possibilities of generating a positive impact on the quarrelling families. This is evident when Friar Comments; The intentions that Friar has for the potion are good, however, the results of using this portion becomes tragic. The main intention that Friar has for this portion is to help bring together the two feuding families, and at the same time keep Romeo and Juliet together, but unfortunately, this plan ends up to be a contribution of a double suicide. Further, in Luhrmann’s film, Friar Lawrence is depicted as having intense influence on the dreadful outcome of the play. In the play, Friar Lawrence is a holy man trusted by everybody, and Romeo and Juliet hold his judgments with highest reverence. In other words, Friar is a representation of wisdom and moderation (Brenner 58). Despite all the respect and trust that Friar receives, he fails to offer a sensible solution to Romeo and Juliet’s dilemma. Romeo and Juliet’s sad end results from Friar Lawrences inclination to hasty action, his fright of being embarrassed, and his irresponsibility. The first shortcoming of Friar that contributes to tragic outcome is the manner in which he

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Air Pollution, Smog, Acid Rain, the Greenhouse Effect, and Ozone Deplet

Air pollution is a well-known problem throughout the world. Humans know that we are the major cause for air pollution and although we know this fact, we continue to pollute. We poison our air every day by throwing out enormous piles of garbage, burning tons of fossil fuels, and driving millions of miles each year, but do we truly know how much this affects our society and our Earth? Smog, acid rain, the greenhouse effect, and ozone depletion are some of the effects that have resulted from air pollution. Health effects caused by filthy air are also a serious problem that has resulted from pollution. Smog is a term that was created from smoke and fog. It is found most typically in urban and suburban areas rather than rural areas because air pollution occurs most often where there are large numbers of people. Exhaust fumes from vehicles are emitted into the air, and a chemical reaction takes place when these fumes react with sunlight, resulting in smog. Another type of smog is created from dirt particles in smoke from the chimneys of factories and houses (Stille 22). These dirt particles cling to drops of water in the air, which can make eyes water, noses itch, and throats scratchy and sore. People within these cities that deal with this murky haze are much more likely to experience discomfort and develop lung problems due to breathing in too much polluted air (Asimov 15). Acid rain, another effect of air pollution, is formed when sulfur-rich fuels such as coal and oil are burned and combined with water. This rain is harmful to our environment because sulfur creates an acid that kills fish, trees, plants, and crops. It also damages paint on cars and wears away the stone used in buildings and statues (Stille 31). Acid ra... ...s affecting the environment, self-interest should drive concern about the pollutants because it can severely affect one's health. Pollution has contributed to several diseases, especially many forms of cancer. With effort and motivation to reduce these effects from air pollution, we can begin to cleanup our air and make our Earth a better place for not only our future, but also our children's and grandchildren's future. Works Cited Asimov, Isaac. Why Is The Air Dirty? Milwaukee: Garth Stevens, Inc., 1992. Dolan, Edward F. Our Poisoned Sky. New York: Cobblehill Books, 1991 Oppenheimer, Michael, and Robert H. Boyle. Dead Heat: The Race Against the Greenhouse Effect. New York: Basic Books, Inc., 1990. Stille, Darlene R. Air Pollution. Chicago: Childrens Press, Inc., 1990. Tate, Nicholas. The Sick Building Syndrome. Far Hills: New Horizon Press, 199

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Because It Is Running by

Because It Is Running By – 2. Delprove A. â€Å"This is Edie, Wil, said his mother. She’s going to be helping me out. [†¦] When was this decided? he said. † Edie meets Wil, opposites meet. In Because It Is Running By these two main characters, Wil and Edie, meet when Wil’s mother hires Edie to help out with some chores. As the first quote might allude to, Wil is not very happy with Edie coming into his life. Eventually Wil seems to accept Edie as they spend some time together and get to talk. One thing leads to another and one day Wil invites Edie out and buys her a drink. When Wil realizes that Edie is leaving soon, he accuses his mother of throwing Edie out of the house. Edie is heading for Marrakesh, Morocco and, as the text ends, Wil is with Edie and Wil suggests that he could go to Morocco. Wil is a young man who is not in his teenage years anymore. He lives with his mother and has probably done so most of his life. We know that he has never left Great Britain and, at this point, the only woman in his life is his mother. We don’t know much of Edie’s past. We only know of where she is now and where she’s going. These two main characters have completely different approaches to life. Edie is staying with his mother where everything is safe, while Edie dares to enter new areas unknowing of what will happen. â€Å"Never been abroad. Never been on an aeroplane. I’m just a fucking peasant. † â€Å"Don’t do that, she said. † â€Å"I seen you thinking it, he said. With your Pernod and your fancy accent† [†¦] â€Å"I think you are where you are. † I think this is a very interesting dialogue between Wil and Edie, which gives us some idea of who our main characters are, especially Wil. Wil is very much aware of his lifestyle, within the safety borders, and the dialogue might indicate that he is somewhat ashamed of it. When later, he says that â€Å"I could go to Morocco†, he is probably fascinated by Edie and her way of life. He wants to see what happens if you leave the comfort zone. All in all, the last sentence of the text basically sums up Wil’s way of life: â€Å"[†¦] things continuing in the same way. † While Edie is the opposite who has only been at their place during summer, until she is moving on to another distant location – which is fascinating to Wil. There are several themes in this text: relationship between a mother and her son, relationship between a boy and a girl. But in my opinion the main theme is breaking the comfort zone or, as the old Latin phrase goes, Carpe Diem – seize the day. Wil probably had his reasons for living with his mom, but if you’re too scared to go anywhere else, who knows, you might just end up dying as the same â€Å"fucking peasant† that you have been your entire life. The title of the text, Because It Is Running By, could refer to Wil who is just letting life run by, instead of getting the best out of it and becoming a part of it. Text 4, Making the decision to take a gap year, deals with this matter. There are many things to worry about when leaving the comfort zone, such as loneliness and language problems. But all these factors are just a part of the adventure that life is supposed to be. You can’t know what experiences you’re missing out if you’re well pleased with where you are. It’s our life and our responsibility to get the best out of it – seize the day or die regretting the time you lost. Picture 1, Desired Freedom, shows a man leaning, with his arms, against the window and a dove painted on the wall. Like Wil and Edie; the man and the dove are opposites. Since there are no bars on the window we can conclude that he is not in prison. But then again, this man has probably imprisoned himself, by not living life to the fullest. He has only spectated life from the sidelines, but he doesn’t dare to go to the other side of that window and experience what it’s like. The dove, on the other hand, is completely free. And the dove knows what to do to survive. Its mother might have fed it at first, but eventually it has to live life on its own. Even if that means going to dangerous territories to find food, the dove knows that it must be done in order to survive. It doesn’t wait in its own prison and end up dying in regret. Which way of life would you rather imitate? B. Because It Is Running By is a text which is basically built up of dialogues, with remarks from a narrator. Since there are many dialogues in the text, it is written in colloquial language. That means a large amount of very short sentences, which aren’t necessarily grammatically correct. An example of this is the above-mentioned dialogue: â€Å"Never been abroad. Never been on an aeroplane. I’m just a fucking peasant. † â€Å"Don’t do that, she said. † â€Å"I seen you thinking it, he said. † However, typical slang used in colloquial language, such as â€Å"gonna† and â€Å"wanna† is not used in the text. The text is not written with formal language and there are very few difficult words. The text can be rather annoying to read, due to the fact that there are many stops throughout the text, caused by small sentences. Also, Wil often jumps from one subject to another, which can be frustrating for the reader. ——————————————– [ 1 ]. Song: Avenged Sevenfold – Seize The Day

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Everyday People Encounter Challenges That Stand In Their

Everyday people encounter challenges that stand in their way of achieving their goals, but with sheer determination most accomplish their mission. In the short story â€Å"A Worn Path† written by Eudora Welty, Phoenix Jackson, the main character, has a mission to complete while confronting many challenges. The challenges that Phoneix must overcome on her journey to get medicine for her grandson are those of humiliation, old age, and numerous of others. Throughout the story Phoenix overcome these challenges by using her ability to preserve, her need to find humor in the day to day aspects of life, her determination, and most of all the love she has for her loved in. These are just a few characteristics that both Phoenix and I have in common. A†¦show more content†¦Everyday I have to persevere through challenges that my depression brings such as a lack of energy or even a lack of motivation. If I did not posses the characteristic of perseverance, there is no way I would be able to get out of bed each and every day and continue on with my life. Another characteristic that both Phoenix and I have is common is that of determination, once we set out to do something there is nothing that can prevent the task from being completed. One of the first challenges Phoenix encounters along her path to get her grandson medicine is wild animals. As the story unfolds readers can see that Phoenix does not want anyone or anything getting in her way of completely this mission. One example of this in the text is when Phoenix starts her journey and starts talking to herself. She says, ¨ Out of my way, all you foxes, owls, beetles, jack rabbits, coons and wild animals!...Keep out from under these feet, little bob-whites†¦Keep the big wild hogs out of my path. Don’t let none of those come running my direction. I got a long way. ¨(457). With this statement the author is able to adequately betray PhoenixÅ› sheer determination to walk this path despite all the wild animals. I relate to this characteristic of Phoenix, because i myself have a strong willed determination. Growing up I was taught that once you start something you never quit rather that be a sport or even yard work. To this day when I start a task I follow it to theShow MoreRelatedThe Theme of Determination in â€Å"A Worn Path† by Eudora Welty Essay examples655 Words   |  3 PagesEveryday people encounter challenges that stand in their way of achieving their goals, but with sheer determination most accomplish their mission. In the short story â€Å"A Worn Path† written by Eudora Welty, Phoenix Jackson, the main character, has a mission to complete while confronting many challenges. One way to convey this idea is with the literary use of theme. The theme of a literary work is defined as the central idea, concern or message about life that an author wishes to convey to his/herRead MoreA Worn Path By Eudora Welty Essay1481 Words   |  6 PagesA Worn Path (1940) On an everyday basis people are encountering challenges that stand in their way of them achieving their set goals. However, with determination the vast majority will accomplish the mission they have set out to conquer. In the short story â€Å"A Worn Path† written by Eudora Welty in 1940, Phoenix Jackson, the main character has a mission in which she is trying to complete when she is faced with many challenges. This short story is centered on the challenges that are faced by an elderlyRead MoreCourage to Change Essay794 Words   |  4 Pages21-22). Many people immigrate to other countries because they want a better life and future. However, its often not an easy transition. Immigrants have to deal with problems such as the language barrier, discrimination, and alienation. In the story† The First Day of an Immigrant†, by Frederick Philip Grove, one of the characters named Niels Lindstedt, is an immigrant of Canada and faced similar problems when he moved. However, he was successful in overcoming the challenges of immigration becauseRead MoreThe Risks And Challenges Of Managing A Hospital1190 Words   |  5 PagesI will be discussing chapters 19, 20 and 24. In chapter 19 we will cover Safeguarding the Hospital what are some the risks and challenges in managing a hospital. Chapter 20 I will cover the Human Resources Department, Risk management, corporate compliance and Legal services that a hospital uses and utilizes. And chapter 24 Hospital marketing which covers the commercialization and appeal of selling service s by the Hospital. â€Æ' Safeguarding the hospital is a difficult task the joint commission hasRead MoreEssay on A Good Man Is Hard to Find708 Words   |  3 PagesSince the beginning of mankind there is been an unsolved issue of good verses evil. We see this controversial issue in everyday life, Such as Television, Newspaper, etc. It is not difficult to label the agent of evil in Flannery O Connors signature story, A Good Man is Hard To Find, says John, Desmond. The family is described as a typical modern family, which has all type of problems. Agreeing with each other is one of the biggest problems the family faces. The story starts of where GrandmaRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book The Once And Future King 1382 Words   |  6 Pagesin the United States. Whites education was at Cheltneham college in Gloucestershire, a public school, and Queens college, Cambridge, both renowned schools. White later was taught by another author L.J. Potts. Potts was one of the most influential people in his life. While in c ollege White picked up the book Le Morte De’ Arthur and wrote a thesis on it, later on he graduated in 1928 with a prestigious degree in English. Throughout the years White would write many novels, in 1937 he decided to writeRead MoreCharacteristics Of Odysseus1440 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"No one will enter paradsise in whose heart is mustard-seed of arrogance.†-Prophet Muhammad In The Odyssey, by Homer, Odysseus goes through this epic sea voyage that takes him nearly 10 years. Along the way, Odysseus faces many challenges he has to overcome in order to reach Ithaka, his home, but all his crew members end up dying because of Odysseus’ actions. Like the quote said by the Prophet Muhammad, Odysseus isn’t able to reach home quickly because of his arrogance and other flaws to his personalityRead MoreUs Navy Chief Pinning Ceremony1598 Words   |  7 PagesUS Navy Chief Pinning Ceremony The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines tradition as a way of thinking, behaving, or doing something that has been used by the people in a particular group, family, society, etc., for a long time (2011). The Navy is full of formal traditions such as saluting honors to the flag or senior personnel. One such tradition is the Chief’s Pinning Ceremony. The Chief’s Pinning Ceremony is a formal tradition, the first ceremony taken place on September 16, 1960. In 1959 the collarRead MoreThe Business Strategies Of The Mobile Phone Companies712 Words   |  3 PagesIntroduction In our everyday interactions, mobile phones have become a major part of our lives and we have adapted to them so much that we find it hard to live without them. Many of our activities including business ideas, deals, transactions, communication and entertainment revolve around the mobile phone gadget as it makes work easier. At the same time, we encounter problems that hinder the success and thriving of the device all in all. However, the same technology has been used to counter theRead MoreWhat Is Serving, Leading And Leading In Health Care739 Words   |  3 Pagesable to regularly balance the concern of self and others often is called a mature caregiver. Unfortunately, with the rise of social media, and over populated reality TV shows the empathy that is shown in the united states is on a rapid decline. Many people don’t even understand what empathy is anymore and often times get it confused with sympathy. The ARRT does a great job on making sure that Radiologic Technologists first job is taking care of the patients. The ARRT’s first ethical code state that